Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Karina vows to never let Preeta remain happy

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Preeta and Karan are both in the bed, Karan taking the hand of Preeta places it under his head, she asks what he is doing to which he says how he is used to because before marriage he used to sleep with Rishab and would take his hand, Preeta however tries to take her hand but he doesnot let go, he inquires if she wants him to go away however she explains how she did not say anything, he then coming near says if she wants him to be near her however she still refuses then when is not able to say anything, she acts as if she is sleeping, she opening her eyes touches Karan but just as he opens his eyes she immediately acts as if she is sleeping, he once again places her hand under his head, then he moves his hand over her other shoulder when she also takes his hand in her arm before clinging it, Karan kisses her on the forehead when she also places her hand over his shoulder but suddenly screams after seeing a lizard, Shristhi wakes up from hearing the scream, Karan asks her to be quiet.

Sarla also comes out from the room then Janki also says how she also heard the scream, Sarla says how the thief might have come into the room of Preeta and Shristhi then is shocked to see that she is standing behind her when she basks what is she doing to which Shristhi mentions how she was in the washroom, Shristhi tries to convince how she was screaming when Sarla explains how she heard the scream from the room and it was definitely Preeta, they all enter the room.

Preeta says how she is fearing what her mother would say if she saw him, karan exclaims how nothing would happen as he is her husband however Preeta mentions how she would feel bad because she asked him to come in the morning so would feel as if he has hurt her respect.

Sarla along with Shristhi and Janki enter the room, they all both start searching it while Shristhi and Preeta stand in front of the door to hide Karan, Sarla threatens to call the police however it doesnot have any affect on Karan who doesnot come out, Janki then calls out exclaiming how she has found the thief but when she realizes that it is Karan who is pleading with her to not tell anyone, she immediately changes her stance explaining how she was asking if they have found the thief, Sarla responds how she thought that Janki has found the thief however both Janki and Shristhi then exclaim how they should leave as there is no one in the room, Sarla leaves, Preeta thanks Janki for helping her, she mentions how she knew that Karan was mischievous but never knew he would do something like this however she has liked it, Shristhi tries to tease Preeta however she gets angry Shristhi runs from the room.
Preeta immediately closes the door, karan sits on the bed so Preeta asks what they would do now, karan exclaims how they would sleep now however Preeta disagrees and points to the other side of the room.

In the morning Janki is walking with the newspaper when she hears the doorbell so immediately opens it to find Karan standing there, he hands her a rose after wishing happy Valentines hearing which she is shocked, he then hands everyone a rose after which he sits on the sofa then Preeta asks why he got so late.

Sarla mentions how when she went to get the milk which is when Sharma je mentioned how he saw that a car just like Karan’s was standing in their society the entire night, Shristhi mentions how the car belonged to Karan, then she explains how the car might have belonged to someone else and then Shristhi asks Sarla to send Preeta as they both are in a hurry however Sarla scolds her saying how she should not talk in between after which Karan also says how he also has to leave for the office, Sarla mentions how she also has made a lot of things for him however Karan insists after which Sarla agrees and they both leave, Sarla mentions how Karan should wish happy valentine to the person for whom he came to their house.

Karina is with Dadi and Rakhi in the sitting area when Dadi asks Karina if her friend from London has come back, Karina mentions how she has come but is in depression and needs a doctor, Rakhi asks what the matter is because she might be able to help as she knows alot of the doctors, Karina exclaims how she needs a doctor for her lip but Rakhi explains how she doesnot know anyone but will make some calls, then there is a ring on the door to Ganesh is asked to open it.

Karina is shocked to see that Karan and Preeta have come back to the house when Karina stops her, asking Karan why did he bring her because she was the reason her daughter’s marriage was broken, Dadi stops her saying how she should not worry because if a wife stays at her mother house then people start talking so she might have asked Karan, he however says how she did not call and he himself went to bring her back, Rakhi asks them both to go onto their room meanwhile she will send a tea for them, Preeta after taking the blessings of both Dadi and Rakhi goes upstairs while Karina exclaims how she has ruined the life of her daughter so she would not let her live happily.

Sameer also bumps into them while they are in the hall, he exclaims how he knows everything about the night because he was in contact with Shristhi however he is joyed that such a beautiful couple came together on Valentine’s day before leaving as Dadi calls him.
Mahira going to Sherlin explains how Karan has brought Preeta back, Sherlin is shocked mentioning how could it happen as Mahira told her that he went there to fight with her, Mahira tries to explain however Sherlin says how she has no interest in hearing her saddening conversation, she explains how this is what Mahira said to her, she then turning away says how she is not like Preeta who has a kind heart as she even forgave her because of the pregnancy rather her heart is like a stone so if Mahira is nice with her then she would be nice and if she is bad then she would be a lot bad then her.

Ganesh after bringing tea for Karan and Preeta is smiling, Preeta asks the reasons to which he says how they all missed her and even Karan sir had stopped smiling, Preeta responds how she also missed them all, karan coming out of the bathroom asks if she missed him, Preeta also asks the question and they both argue over who would answer it first which is when Karan asks her to reveal what was in her heart, Preeta then inquires why he is so dressed as she thought that he was just making an excuse however Karan exclaims how he has to go on a meeting instead of Rishab and he never lies.

Precap: Preeta is on a call with someone. She says, it’s good you called. I wanted to tell you something. Meanwhile, Karan is trying to call Preeta, but it’s coming busy. He says he told her to pick his call, he wants to share what’s in his heart. Other side, Preeta says, I love you. It’s Prithvi on the other side. He says, I love you too. Happy Valentines Day. I am coming to you in half an hour, with band baaja and barrat.

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