Kundali Bhagya 5th March 2021 Written Update Disaster for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th March 2021 Written Update Disaster for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th March 2021 Written Update Disaster for Preeta Janki is thoughtful about Prithvi. She realizes that Preeta is so lovely that anyone can love her. She feels Prithvi is a devil, he tried to manipulate her, he was taking sweet things to present himself as a nice man. Sarla tells that he is a devil who cheated them. She is glad that Karan has married Preeta, its good for everyone. She feels Preeta got saved from evil Prithvi.

She counts Prithvi’s crimes. She tells Janki that Luthras don’t know his crimes. She prays that his truth comes in front of Kritika. Preeta and Shrishti stay busy in the arrangements. She tells Preeta that she wants to break Prithvi’s head. Preeta stops her. Prithvi is very happy to see Preeta’s concern for him. He tells that he loves his brother a lot, Pawan is busy and couldn’t come in his marriage. He flirts with Preeta right in front of Shrishti.

Shrishti threatens to stop his marriage. He asks her does she want to marry him, that she doesn’t want him to marry anyone else. Shrishti tells that he is the worst guy. Prithvi scares them of Kareena’s anger. Preeta asks Shrishti to forget it. Kareena asks them not to lose focus and just work hard to organize the function in time. She further insults them. She tells that Prithvi wanted them to get this work so that they make some money. Shrishti asks Kareena to carry out the decorations herself if she wants to.

Preeta gets into a big trouble when Shrishti and Kareena get into a big argument. She doesn’t want anything to disturb Karan further. She wants to keep Kareena happy by obeying her. She regrets that Kritika’s life is getting too spoiled because of her, after all Prithvi has clearly told her that he has come back just for her sake. Preeta feels sorry for Kritika that she can’t help her as Rishabh suggested.

Kareena calms down when Preeta apologizes for Shrishti’s rude behavior. Preeta promises to finish the arrangements in time and not disappoint Kareena. Will Karan also give up so soon? Will Prithvi not get exposed this time? What evil is Prithvi planning this time to call a disaster for Preeta and the Luthras? Comment below and keep reading.

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