Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Akshay blackmails Krithika

Kundali Bhagya 22nd March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Mahira shows the message of the amount she transferred to Shubham’s account and tells him to not underestimate the power of her. He tells Sherlyn and Mahira to leave his room because he is going to marry Krithika so if anyone saw him with them that too in the closed room then he will end up in trouble. Mahira leaves the room but Sherlyn didn’t. She hugs him and says he just belongs to her.

Kareena tells Krithika that she is not satisfied with Prithvi’s explanation. Krithika says she can understand her but she trust him and she doesn’t want to know anything else and asks her to support her. She says already so much happened today and she is really tired so they can talk tomorrow. Kareena says if Krithika is okay with Prithvi’s explanation then she won’t say anything because it’s her life and she is the one who is going to live with him and for her just Krithika’s happiness matters and leaves from there.

Preeta comes to Prithvi’s room and Sherlyn hides seeing her. She says he is deceiving the people who is believing him and says Krithika is naive and she truly loves him so how can he betray her. He says he loves everyone but she want to prove that he ie betraying Krithika. She says she knows his true face and she didn’t forget what all he did with Sarla and Janki so he need not to act in front of her and says he knows that today Shubham lied to save him and says she is sure that he marriage already happened and soon she will find out his first wife.

He says she should not stop him from becoming Luthra’s son in law. She says she will stop him no matter what. He holds her hand and says he loves her and asks her to not make him hate her. She says she won’t let him do wrong with her family and says now Kareena will support her to expose him and leaves from there. He says he has Krithika by his side and she is enough to win against Preeta.

Krithika was recalling today’s incidents. Prithvi comes there and tries to talk to her. She realises that he is drunk and sends him out saying she want to stay alone. Karan warns Prithvi to not forget that Krithika is his sister and he won’t leave him if he hurt her then. Sherlyn says if Krithika said she doesn’t want to marry Prithvi then Luthra’s will throw him out of the house. He says Krithika will trust him again and plans to do something to win her trust again.

Akshay calls Krithika and says he heard about her marriage so he is happy for her. She scolds him for calling her and says she won’t forgive him even if he apologize to her. He says he wanted to marry her for her money and says he wants money still so he is thinking to blackmail her and says he is going to leak their intimate moment pictures if she doesn’t give money to him then. She recalls how much Preeta tried to stop her marriage saying Akshay is not good guy and cries.

Episode ends.

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