From Sristy finding proof against Prithvi to Preeta failing to expose Prithvi: Read what all happened in Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Will Preeta tell Karan about Prithvi's threat??

This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Sristy shows the proof to Preeta which she found against Prithvi. Preeta feels relieved thinking finally she can expose Prithvi and decides to stop Krithika and Prithvi’s engagement. Sherlyn learns that Preeta got proof against Prithvi and informs him about it, and he asks her to stop Preeta because he is standing in the mandap with Krithika so he can’t do anything right now. Sherlyn follows Preeta and tries to hit her with vase but Sristy stops her and makes her conscious and locks her in the room. Prithvi puts the ring on Krithika’s finger and Krithika was about to the ring on Prithvi’s finger but Preeta stops her and takes Kareena from there saying she has something important to talk to her.

Mahira saves Sherlyn. Prithvi hopes Kareena should not believe Preeta. Krithika notices that he is tensed and tells him to calm down. Suresh thanks Prithvi for saving Krithika from Goons. Preeta says she decided to not stop the marriage for Krithika’s happiness but now she can’t stay silent and shows the proof to Kareena. Kareena shocks seeing the picture and says Prithvi’s marriage happened already and he was deceiving them till now. She hesitates take any decision. Preeta says they has to stop this engagement for Krithika’s sake without thinking about anything else. Kareena gets emotional and hugs Preeta. Karan clicks their picture and wonders how it happened.

Sristy learns that Mahira knows Prithvi’s truth so she makes her unconscious and locks her in the cupboard. Sherlyn scolds Prithvi for keeping their marriage picture with him. He gets worried thinking he is going to end up in jail so she hugs him to console him and Krithika sees that. Kareena asks Prithvi to tell the truth in front of everyone. Krithika says she believes Prithvi. Preeta says Krithika will become Prithvi’s second wife. Preeta reveals Prithvi’s first marriage picture which half burnt and only his face is visible and says he doesn’t deserve to marry Krithika and ask about his wife. Luthra’s goes against Prithvi for trying to spoil Krithika’s life. Prithvi defends himself saying he didn’t commit any crime and he is not married man too. Sristy says he is lying.

Prithvi asks Krithika to believe him and says everyone hates him and says he deserves chance to prove his innocence. Preeta asks him to tell about his first wife. Prithvi says Krithika doesn’t want to know anything so he won’t answer. Karan loses his control and beats him. Sherlyn stops him and diverts the topic when everyone looked at her strangely. Prithvi says he will answer for Krithika’s question only because she is the only one who respects him and says he knows that she won’t ask him because she trust him.

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan wished Preeta happy valentine's day

Krithika asks him to tell the truth of that picture. He says that picture is not fake and says seven years back he went to his friend’s marriage and just to save him from bride’s family he took his place for few minutes. He says his friend only sent this picture to him. Dadi believes him and asks why he kept this picture with him till now. He says he never got chance to tell about this to Krithika but he wanted to tell her and says if she want to postpone the marriage then also he is fine with it. Preeta ask him to prove that he is telling the truth. Prithvi’s mother gets offended and Sarla says it’s about Krithika’s life so they need to confirm everything.

Prithvi remembers his classmate Shubham and says his friend leaving India so he must be in the flight now and calls him. Shubham picks the call and says he missed the flight because of Prithvi. Sristy gets Shubham’s address and goes to bring him with Karan and Preeta. Sameer collects everyone’s mobile. Sristy thinks she locked Mahira in the cupboard so she can’t help Sherlyn. Prithvi’s mother says Kareena will regret for suspecting Prithvi. Ramona comes there and says if Prithvi was deceiving them till now then he will end up in jail. Sameer shocks seeing Mahira in the cupboard and locks it again.Kareena waits for Shubham to know the truth. Ramona goes to Krithika’s room to see Mahira.

Prithvi thinks it would have been really good if Sherlyn gets chance to talk to Shubham before Karan reach him and regrets for beating him today. Ramona says she is feeling bad for Krithika because her marriage didn’t happen with Akshay and now it looks like Prithvi’s marriage too happened already. Preeta asks Shubham about his wife. He says he is single now. Sristy asks him to come to Luthra house to expose Prithvi. Shubham says Prithvi took his place to save his life. Prithvi says Preeta tried a lot to portray him as villian. Krithika tells Prithvi that he should have told the truth to her and says she didn’t like the fact that he kept that picture with him. Mahira reveals that she saved Prithvi by giving money to Shubham so he can lie to Luthra’s.

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