From Luthra family learning about Akshay’s murder to Mahesh coming out of a coma: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Kundali Bhagya”

Kundali Bhagya Weekly Update

This week Kundali Bhagya begins with ACP Vijay visits Luthra house and informs them about Akshay’s death saying they found his dead body in hotel room so he came to investigate them and asks does anyone met Akshay recently. Preeta and Prithvi recalls how they met Akshay in his hotel room and Krithika recalls Akshay’s blackmail. Rakhi says they were not in contact with Akshay. Vijay says Luthra’s were angry on Akshay for leaving Krithika on marriage mandap so they has a reason to murder Akshay and he moves towards Krithika and says she seems tensed and she must be in contact with Akshay. Kareena interferes and says Krithika moved on in her life and her marriage going to happen with Prithvi and says Krithika doesn’t have any connection in Akshay’s murder.

Vijay says he knows that Krithika is not the murderer and moves towards Prithvi. Prithvi drops his coffee mug and apologize to Vijay saying it slipped from his hand and was about to clean the floor but Rakhi stops him saying Girish will clean it. Vijay asks Preeta that why she disliked Akshay. She says he was not a good guy that’s why. Karan says they had the problem with marriage not Akshay. Vijay says he can understand that Karan is protective for his wife but Preeta is well educated enough to answer his questions and asks him to stay silent. Preeta says she was not in contact with Akshay. Krithika cries recalling recent incidents and Preeta assures her saying no one will find out that she went to meet Akshay.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that he did nothing and says he just meet Akshay to execute their plan. But Sherlyn says she thinks he is Akshay’s murderer. He asks how can she suspect him. She says she noticed his expressions when Vijay moved towards him. He gets worried thinking what if Police also suspect him and regrets for meeting Akshay. Mahira tells everything to Ramona and says Karan was in the hotel too that day and he went to washroom for sometime. Ramona says she is sure that Karan is Akshay’s murderer.

Karan applies colour on Preeta’s face and Preeta rubs her cheeks on his cheeks to apply colour on him then she runs from there so he chases her. Prithvi gets irritated seeing them like that. Rakhi asks Mahesh to wake up soon saying she want to celebrate holi with him.Sherlyn cries because her baby bump is visible now. Prithvi consoles her and applies colour on her. Mahira applies colour from Karan’s shirt without anyone’s knowledge. Preeta and Sristy plans to give Bhang to Prithvi to know his intention of marrying Krithika. Preeta gives Bhang drink to Prithvi but Sherlyn stops him from drinking that and gives that glass to Krithika. Sristy pushes Sameer towards Krithika to stop her from drinking the Bhang.

Sristy shows Bhang pills to Preeta and mixes it in Prithvi’s drink. Aastha stops Prithvi saying it’s her glass and tells Preeta that she is doing wrong. Preeta says Aastha doesn’t know about Prithvi and says they are doing this for Krithika’s sake. Aastha tells Karan to challenge Prithvi. So Karan challenges Prithvi and Prithvi accepts his challenge. Sristy says they should go to guest room for this drinking competition. Mahesh wakes up from coma and calls Dadi. Dadi gets emotional hearing his voice and hugs him. Doctor says Mahesh recovered completely. Sherlyn shocks seeing everything. Dadi calls Rakhi and informs her about Mahesh.

Karan says they should begin the competition and says cheating is not allowed. Prithvi says his team member Aastha is not with him so he will record everything in his mobile and puts his mobile on the table. Karan says he never loses against anyone so if Prithvi wants then he can backoff now. The drinking competition begins between Prithvi and Karan. Preeta and Sristy mixes Bhang pills in Prithvi’s drink and Prithvi wins the competition. Sherlyn collides with Mahira and tells her about Mahesh. Rakhi, Karan and others meets Mahesh. Mahesh learns about Preeta and Karan’s marriage. Sherlyn realises that Prithvi is in drunken state.

Aastha informs Preeta that Prithvi has allies.Karan thanks Aastha for helping them. She tells him to go to Prithvi otherwise their plan may spoil and Sristy runs from there. Suresh tells Mahesh to try to walk. Mahesh gets up from bed but falls on the bed so Karan helps him to walk. Dadi feels it’s Mahesh’s new life. Pammi notices Sherlyn’s scared face and tells Suresh that everyone is happy with Mahesh’s recovery except Sherlyn. Sherlyn thinks she can’t hide her fear so she should stay away from others and wonders why Mahesh didn’t tell the truth to anyone yet. Mahesh says he want to celebrate holi with them and decides to tell the truth later. Mahira and Sherlyn shocks seeing the guest room locked from outside. Mahira says it must be Sristy’s work because she saw keys in her hand. Sristy tells Preeta that she locked Prithvi in the guest room. Preeta prepares sweet dish for Mahesh and gives it to Rakhi. Sherlyn decides to kill Mahesh and tells her plan to Mahira. She gives the injection to Mahira and goes to see Prithvi.

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